Through the Storm (MM) (2012)

Issac Walker was once a heavy-handed drug lord who was proud of the fact that everybody feared him. But after dedicating his life to Christ, Isaac begins snatching wayward souls out of darkness and into God's marvelous light. That is, until the day the people Isaac ministers to start coming up missing and someone begins terrorizing him and his family. Before giving his life over to the Lord, Isaac would have handled this situation with a Glock, but now that his only weapons are his Bible and prayer, he is counting on God to send His angels to help fight this battle.

Iona Walker is a successful, beautiful and every bit as cold-blooded as her father. Issac Walker, once was. As a lawyer, she represents some of the most unsavory criminals in her city. Guilt or innocence doesn't matter to Iona; cash is what counts. Iona is on her way to achieving wealth, and she doesn't care that she had to turn her back on God to get it. But when both her parents are put in life-threatening situations, Iona discovers that all the money in the world won't help her get a prayer through to God.

Through the Storm is a suspense thriller that shows the power of spiritual warfare.

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Vanessa Miller
ISBN 10:
Urban Books
Publication Date:
November 6, 2012