Somebody Better Say Something (PB) (2006)

"Momma Brenda has a voice and style that takes you to church. There is a strong Black sensuality in her delivery that penetrates the surface and goes directly to the soul. Her lyrics are testimonials to many of our trials and tribulations. What she's saying and how she's saying it are necessary expressions we've been starving for." -Abiodun Oyewole, The Last Poets "Momma Brenda Matthews is truly one of the most prolific and profound Poets to ever touch down on God's Green Earth. She is a gift in motion that moves the soul with a passion that is both poetic and powerful. Her words send chills down spines and her thoughts inspire once weakened minds. She is Heaven's Daughter, so listen." -J. Ivy, Def Poet "Somebody Better Say Something is a work of genius! Each verse speaks in the heart of Black America populated with larger-than-life voices of children, victims, and muses. The powerful and rich poetic narrative sings with the rhythm of blues and gospel, spinning a complex lyrical awareness to racial injustice, community and love." -Naima A. Dawson, Author of Hot Water Pancakes "Honest, insightful, blunt, hopeful, painful, joyful...these are just a few of the words that have been used to describe what you are about to read. For the past four years, Brenda has been a regular speaker at The Door. Youth from around North America have been touched, challenged and changed through her poetry. Read this book, but be careful, you will not walk away the same." -Glenn Balzer, National Director, The Door
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Brenda Matthews
Mama Brenda
ISBN 10:
Ebonyenergy Publishing, Inc. (Nfp)
Publication Date:
October 1, 2006