The Blueprint: A Plan for Living Above Life's Storms

Publisher Comments: The seven time Grammy Award-winning artist offers powerful, streetwise advice for building a fulfilling life in the face of adversity One of the biggest superstars in gospel...Franklin revolutionized gospel with his hip, contemporary sound. -Jet Kirk Franklin is his genre's most consistently successful mainstream artists for the past fifteen years, thanks to his fusing of gospel messages with hip-hop and pop beats. -USA Today Kirk Franklin's life was hardly built on a firm foundation. His father abandoned the family. His mother also abandoned Kirk, and constantly told him he was an unwanted child. He was adopted by his 64 year old Aunt Gertrude at the age of four. His sister became a crack addict. He never saw a black man who was faithful in marriage. Without a blueprint, he struggled mightily yet managed to triumph even more mightily, dedicating his life to helping others find hope during hardship. With The Blueprint, he provides an inspiring blend of God and grit to deliver real-world words of wisdom on provocative topics, including: A-Leap...With Faith: Sometimes it pays to leap without looking and say yes without thinking (Gill accepted the Starbucks job immediately, on a whim). A-The true definition of manhood A-Deadbeat dads, divorce and other sources of despair in family life A-Why faith that only takes place in a church is dead A-The consequences of sex and the responsibilities of parenthood A-His own identity as a son, father, husband, singer and African American A-What it means to be Christian moderate with swag in the 21st Century The Blueprint delivers an honest new direction, taking faith out of the pews and into the real lives of all who struggle.
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