My Spiritual Inheritance Companion Study Guide

"My Spiritual Inheritance Companion Study Guide's" 14-week lessons will help readers know when they've met their spiritual parents, understand the danger of false authority, and more.
Receive the Father's portion and discover your destiny in God. Understanding the role of spiritual authority in your life is directly related to discovering God's purpose and plan for you. In this companion resource to My Spiritual Inheritance, Juanita Bynum, author of the best-selling Matters of the Heart, will help you to discover how submission to spiritual authority can draw you into destiny. This fifteen-chapter study guide will inspire you to: Realize when you have met your spiritual parents Know when they are preparing you to receive your spiritual inheritance Submit to godly instruction and correction Recognize false authority (spirit of Jezebel) Discover your anointing Here you will find excerpts from My Spiritual Inheritance and related scriptures. Also included are Juanita's inspirational personal testimony, prayers, questions, and exercises for applying biblical principles. Ideal for small groups or personal study, this study guide will also benefit pastors and church leaders so that they can impart God's portion to the people. Don't just use this study guide to learn concepts-apply these truths and find your destiny in God!
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