The Journey of Tunuri and the Blue Deer: A Huichol Indian Story (HC) (2003)

A contemporary adaptation of an indigenous Huichol teaching tale, illustrated with traditional yarn drawings by Huichol artisans

- Shares the hidden treasures of a nature-based indigenous culture

- A teaching tool for multicultural studies for children ages 6 to 9

- Explains who the Huichol people are and the symbolism of the images used by the artists

The Huichol Indians live in the remote regions of the Sierra Madre Mountains of western Mexico, where geographic isolation has allowed them to retain their culture and spiritual traditions in the face of colonization. Their nature-based way of life makes no distinction between the sacred and the secular, and they express their reverence for the powers of the earth by regarding all elements in nature as family.

The Journey of Tunuri and the Blue Deer is a modern adaptation of a traditional Huichol story depicting a young child finding his (or her) personal task in life by connecting with the powers of nature. The story is told through the experiences of young Tunuri, who becomes lost in the woods. He meets the magical Blue Deer--a messenger between the worlds of mortals and deities--who introduces Tunuri to Father Sun, Mother Earth, and others in the natural world, while leading him back to his human family. Through this lovely tale and the vivid illustrations done in the medium of traditional Huichol yarn drawings, children can learn about their place in the sacred web of life.

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James Endredy
María Hernández de la Cruz
ISBN 10:
Bear Cub Books
Publication Date:
October 31, 2003
Age Group:
Young Readers (9 - 13)
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