A Cry During Crisis (PB) (2018)

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This book, written by Dr. Kenneth R. Kemp, a pastor of an urban predominantly African American church, addresses the critical issues facing persons who may feel left out by recent dramatic changes in the fiber of America. A Cry During Crisis reviews major domestic events of contemporary US history affecting marginalized congregants from 2012 to the present and seeks to put these often painful events into Christian perspective through sermonic proclamation. It honestly and poignantly deals with the hurts and disappointments that many persons have experienced in recent times. From the killing of Trayvon Martin to the mass shootings in churches and schools across America to the riots in Ferguson to the protests in Charlottesville, there have been numerous events in recent history that have caused Christians from minority or disenfranchised backgrounds to feel left out, looked over, or left behind. The pastors of churches comprised of such persons must address those concerns using the examples and instructions of Holy Scripture. Even when addressing such issues is considered to be too political or too secular for the church, the pastor must don the mantle of prophet and comment on the crisis that tugs at the hearts of the congregation. While addressing these turbulent issues, this collection of sermons from the pastor's pen also offers hope and inspiration. Furthermore, it is a cry that challenges the reader to action to ensure that every one of God's children is honored and respected. "When the world appears to be crumbling, when pain permeates the predicament when sadness and sorrow appear to be salient; the pastor must stand and assure the people that Christ still cares, that all is not lost, that a better day is still coming..."


Kenneth R. Kemp
ISBN 10:
Xulon Press
Publication Date:
December 21, 2018

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