Neither Black nor White - JUST DIFFERENT (PB) (2018)

"Heather & Chris have shared how a cross-cultural marriage can work in the best sense of the word, particularly when based upon a close relationship with Jesus Christ". -Max Gove Former MAF pilot, serving in various leadership roles from 1972 - 2015, and as CEO from 1991-1995 "Personal stories allow us to see the beauty of God's grace lived out in contexts and places different from our own. Heather has opened the windows of her life lived with Chris, her soulmate and partner, and she allows us to see how they have crossed bridges that reduce cultural differences". -Rev. D. Murray Cornelius, BScHons, MCS (Regent College) Executive Director for International Missions "Though Heather and Chris come from different hemispheres, they have bridged their cultural divide. Indeed, they validate my view that skin colour is just a matter of environmental convenience". -Bishop Henry Luke Orombi Rtd Archbishop of Church of Uganda 2004 - 2012 Heather made the transition from a single Scottish Local Government administrator in 1991, to becoming a Pastor's wife in Africa in 1994, proving the Scripture that "With God, all things are possible". From serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship, to Watoto Church and Watoto Child Care Ministries, in 2014, Heather and Chris RETIRED and REFIRED as they moved to Surrey, BC, Canada where they currently reside with their family. They are pastors at heart, and have a passion to Envision, Equip, Empower and Engage emerging young leaders worldwide to share the good news of Jesus Christ. They are the founders of Missions Global Church Network (Canada), and Global Family Church (Uganda).
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Heather E. Komagum
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Xulon Press
Publication Date:
November 28, 2018