If The Foundations Be Destroyed (PB) (2018)

This book reveals the problems that we have today that are destroying the things that God has established. The picture of the family has been so distorted because of divorce, living together without marriage, homosexual marriage and lifestyle, transvestites, and many other things, that it does not resemble what God established at all. The government has been corrupt ever since it has been in place, although many want to say we have, or have had a Christian government that is not so. There is no such thing as a Christian government. Look at the horrible things the government has sanctioned down through the years. The treatment of the native Americans, by killing them and taking their land through trickery or force. Look at slavery, the most horrendous thing this country has ever done is enslaving black folks for two hundred fifty years, and after they received freedom they were still treated as inferior and not welcome by white folks. The blacks have had to struggle and fight for every little bit of freedom and civil rights they have and still we have a nation full of prejudice against the descendants of former slaves. If anybody should be treated with the utmost respect it should be them. The church in America does not resemble the early church at all, weak preachers, who fear man more than God. The church is totally segregated in American, the white church still is so prejudice in the south that they do not want to associate with any blacks. Unless the white Christians repent of their prejudice and get right with black Christians, God will never bless our churches again. Dr. McElhaney holds a Th.D. lives in Sweetwater, TN. With his wife and youngest son. His passion is teaching the sacred scriptures.
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John McElhaney
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Xulon Press
Publication Date:
April 20, 2018