I, Too, Am America (PB) (2018)

Praise for Leonard A. Slade, Jr.'s "I, Too, Am America" "I, Too, Am America" is a literary statement in poetry which evokes an array of emotions while educating the reader on years of black history. Emotions are evoked as we are taught and reminded in vivid poetic terms the history of a people. And through the words we learn more about history and non-history makers, big and small, and the people who have made us and Leonard A. Slade, Jr., who we are and have helped to shape America. Interspersed within the work are individual poems paying tribute to those who have or might have played roles in Leonard A. Slade, Jr.'s maturation into one of current America's leading poets. He wrestles with themes bringing clarity and succinctness to a history which makes it more understandable as if it was an anthology. Slade has rung the bell with this volume of poetry. - Raymond M. Burse Former Rhodes Scholar Oxford University in England Clever! A well-executed book of poems. - Nikki Giovanni Distinguished Professor of English Virginia Tech University Carl Sandburg wrote, "Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance." Leonard A. Slade, Jr. has set music to history. Great figures come alive and dance across history, touching the soul. This is poetry at its best - celebrating greatness. A true accomplishment. - W. Maurice Shipley, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Department of African American Studies The Ohio State University Leonard A. Slade, Jr.'s "I, Too, Am America" pays homage to "I, Too" by Langston Hughes and then presents about eighty Americans who appear single file, beginning with Phillis Wheatley and ending with Barack Obama. Slade finds toil, enslavement, grief, faith, endurance, hope, and beauty. As Barack Obama closes the long procession, we believe "we, too, are America." - George Hendrick, Ph.D. Former Head and Professor Department of English The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Currently, University Research Professor, Stony Brook University
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Leonard A. Slade Jr.
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Xulon Press
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March 15, 2018