Crossroads: An Anthology (PB) (2011)

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Welcome to the Morning Perk, the best place in the neighborhood to grab a bite to eat, network, meet and mingle. The hustle and bustle as the traffic from every walk of life passes through its doors gives insight into four intriguing stories of love, lust, revenge, jealousy, and murder. Meet Wednesday's Customer, Elijah Bower, a man who lives a charmed life, enjoying the finer things in life, who changes women like he changes his clothes, a man who, for a price, would eliminate any breathing human being whose name you wrote on a piece of paper. Feel Stacy's pain as she recalls the innocent words: "It's only For One Night," she told her with a beautiful smile. For reasons she still can't explain she believed her. Now she's pregnant by a man she met one time. Her dilemma deepens because she doesn't have the slightest clue how she should break the news to her lover Janelle. Maybe Brenda should have studied The Pre-req-ui-sites of Per-di-tion: something that is necessary to an end or the carrying out of a foundation, before utter destruction a little more carefully that day. Brenda has a secret that has started to unravel her mind. Danger is everywhere as the wrath of those she has wronged is hot on her heels. Will the truth turn her life into a wasteland she can't escape? Today Tony was reaching out, In Desperation; to the last person in the world he thought could help him. Last night he was in heaven; asking the woman he loved to marry him. She accepted and he was on top of the world. The next day she disappeared and he found himself under investigation by the police. Then there was the Bald Man--mysterious, single minded, lethal. He wanted Tony dead.


Elizabeth Lashaun
Kr Bankston
ISBN 10:
Kirabaco Publishing, LLC
Publication Date:
June 30, 2011

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