Married to a Balla (CD) (2022)


Despite the beautiful home, expensive cars, and huge bank account, Skye's marriage to pro football player Sandino Washington is seriously flawed. After years of being a victim of domestic violence, Skye is caught between their extravagant lifestyle and his controlling behavior, but knows she has to get out. In a desperate attempt, Skye flees the abusive marriage with her three children in tow, and vows never to go back. She even begins a new life with a new identity, but lives in fear, knowing that Sandino won't rest until he finds them. Brace yourself as a shattered woman is determined to rebuild her life and protect her family at all costs, even if it means death. Besides, who wouldn't fight against their most treacherous enemy, even if it is your own husband?

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Jackie D
Read by:
Adah King
ISBN 10:
Urban Audiobooks
Publication Date:
October 18, 2022