Deep Deception 2 #2 (CD) (2022)


FBI agent Tilo Adams is still reeling from her involvement with the now-annihilated Mendoza family in this gripping sequel.

Left for dead, Tilo's lover, Victória Mendoza, now wants revenge on the woman that broke her family ... and her heart. Victória is ready to avenge the deaths of her family members--especially her brother. And she's bent on destroying the woman who destroyed the Mendozas. As a new mother, she sees things a little differently, and she wants to make a good life for Moses and their daughter. But Tilo is still a complication. Private detective Moses got played by Tilo, and he wants to settle that score. But how can Victória and Moses do what's best for their new family when Tilo still stands in their way--by being alive?

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Tina Brooks McKinney
Read by:
Khalid Hill
ISBN 10:
Urban Books
Publication Date:
March 1, 2022