All Their Husbands (PB) (2016)


Mya Wilson, a paralegal in St. Louis has spent the last couple of years entertaining married men or rather allowing them to entertain her. Never has she preyed on a married man, it's just what society has offered. No it's not ideal but neither is wearing a chastity belt or being lonely when there are men approaching. Not the ideal men but good looking, a couple with thick pockets and a few offering less lonely nights. That is until she meets Dr. Christopher Buchanan, he's single, sexy, educated and all hers; finally someone who has the potential to offer forever.

Now consumed with her new forever but someone else seems to be concerned with her past. To her credit, since the good doctor has entered Mya's life she has spent less and less time with other women husbands but someone hasn't taken notice of her new lifestyle. First come the phone calls from the breather, someone just listening to her hellos before hanging up, then the flowers being delivered to both her home and job with no identity of the sender, followed by surprising visits from hurt and angry wives. Can she convince them of her new ways before the inevitable happens? Even more, can Buchanan occupy Mya long enough to truly change her heart and prevent her from sleeping with other women husbands?

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Bambi St James
ISBN 10:
VIP Ink Publishing Group, Inc. / Printhouse B
Publication Date:
October 15, 2016