When it's Too Dark to See the Light #2 (PB) (2015)


Where did she go?

Two years after the events of When it's Too Late to Tell, Mark and Jade Cooke, find themselves in the best position of their ten year marriage. Mark loves Jade and Jade loves Mark, but for Mark, there is still a lingering feeling that his inadequacies will not allow him to be truly happy. Having lost his job and any hope of once again becoming the great teacher he once was, Mark feels useless. Serving as a key witness in a locally publicized trial against his ex-fiance Alicia hasn't done him any favors either. Furthermore, he can't seem to get his dead brother out of his mind....

Jade is proud of the transformation her and Mark's marriage has taken. Though she would never boast about it, she also feels pride in supporting their family financially. Jade picked up a job working in a pharmaceutical firm and found herself rising through the ranks faster than anyone she has heard of before. She thought this had to be of God, but finds her fast rise seems to have come at a price....

Craig and Berta Barlow are married but neither of them would say it has been a completely happy journey. They both feel like the other has changed but Craig is the one who finds it difficult to keep his head in the conversation of what is wrong with their marriage. He tries to move forward, but the dark and ugly parts of his past make a roaring comeback; parts that Berta does not and should not know about....

Berta wishes she had a marriage like Mark and Jade, but she and Craig are two different people with a different set of expectations. She fears those differences will tear them apart. She finds out her biological father died and for some odd reason, finds it difficult to stay away from his funeral. Thus begins a winding trail of self discovery that makes her question everything, and everyone in her past. Including Craig....

Then, Jade goes missing....

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J. Evan Johnson
ISBN 10:
20 Theory Books
Publication Date:
November 1, 2015