The Last Cry (PB) (2011)

Main Characters are: Juan Ellis, Natasha Middle, Sonya, Smokey, Leo Nikko, and Ike Juan Ellis, a local street dealer finds himself in a robbery, in which he kills one of the robbers. After being captured by the police the next day, he finds his faith in the hands of 18-year-old Natasha Middles. Natasha holds a possessive love for him and goes to her grandfather Honorable Judge Harold Middle for help in hope that Ellis would finally notice her and give her the relationship she dreamed of. After getting out of the murder charge with the help of Natasha's grandfather, Juan turns her way. Finally her dream comes true and they engage in a relationship; she dreams of becoming a lawyer and Juan an Atlanta kingpin. The two were destined. Natasha's father tore the two away by putting her on the college campus. His dreams of taking over the City of Atlanta were born by departing from their relationship. Juan and long-time friend Ike sold everything and started their drug business. Becoming well known, until Ike got busted by an undercover cop, he had to carry the business himself. By pulling a hit for a Detroit kingpin, he became more powerful with their help. Finally the Fulton County police convicted him on a murder charge that he didn't. Finding peace in the arms of a white officer, he learned more about himself, and his relationship with Natasha grew. Natasha's hiding her pregnancy caused him to believe she and Ike had become lovers after Ike's release. Natasha's father and grandfather got Juan out and he saw the two together. Blaming God for all his hardship and failure, Juan promised God that the world will feel his pain. Contacting Tony, his Detroit employer, Juan finds out that Tony is his uncle. Tasha calls Tony and tells him about the baby and reunites with Juan. Tony dies because he didn't want to do a hit for the mob boss. Tasha and Ike get hit by a tractor trailer and get put in a coma. His son is born premature. Sworn to avenge Tony's death, Juan hooks up with Sonya and the BFM, and promises to relocate the gang. So, they take out the mob leader and get over 4 million in drugs and money. Sonya turns out to be a Federal agent with an assignment to bust the gang, but falls in love with Ellis. She lists him as her snitch and turns the gang against him. After robbing some Cubans for a large amount of cocaine, Juan Ellis flees to Africa to get his name and prints changed over. He attended to his family avoiding the gang. Sonya makes attempts on Tasha's life and tells the gang that Juan is snitching. With the Feds and gang after him, Juan flees to Cuba and finds favor in Nikko, the Dun of the underworld. Nikko sends him back with a 65-man army and watched his dream come true and his life end. The Middle whole family dies from a revenge of an inmate and his son gets kidnapped.
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Torrey Flowers
Ravenion Nalls
ISBN 10:
Jazzy Kitty Publishing
Publication Date:
August 29, 2011