Guardians of Hidden Traditions (PB) (2009)

Guardians of Hidden Traditions is a historical novel narrating the experiences of generation after generation of crypto-Jews, beginning in Spain in the late 1300's and ending in New Mexico in the early 1800's. It tells the stories of mothers, daughters, and their families as they hide from the Inquisition and migrate to new lands seeking freedom and peace. Isabelle Medina-Sandoval draws from stories and research about her own family to create this novel. The story is built around a real core of events, and she includes historically rich details about the lifestyles of the various time periods. "Guardians of Hidden Traditions is a fascinating and moving story of a people that held on to deep traditions and culture through tremendous trials and tribulation. Dr. Medina Sandoval has woven into this work the beautiful story of our ancestors. The work provides a deep sense of belonging for a group that survived in the hearts and minds of individuals with deep faith in something omnipotent. This work is something that we as a people need to pass on to our young people in our educational systems. The culture and traditions portrayed in this work is really part of our Land of Enchantment. The Rosa de Castilla and the many traditions are part of New Mexico and its people." --Dr. John Mondragon, Professor, University of New Mexico
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Isabelle Medina-Sandoval
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Gaon Web
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May 14, 2009