Martin Luther-Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Black Experience (PB) (2010)

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Martin Luther-Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Black Experience by Ralph Reavis, Sr., chronicles the commitment in thought and deed of two reformers-Martin Luther and Martin Luther King, Jr. According to Ross Mackenzie, a former church history professor of the celebrated author of this work, it was the committed character of Luther's mind and heart that first drew Ralph Reavis to the reforming work of the German Monk. Ross further contended that in Luther's commitment to cause, Reavis found strengthening of his own and from Luther's teachings Reavis learned more about his own mission as a black man and pastor. To be sure, the life of Martin Luther has opened the eyes of Ralph Reavis to see what few have seen so clearly-the remarkably suggestive parallel between the first great reformer of the sixteenth century and the black experience of liberation in America. As it was a commitment in conscious and character to the gospel of Christ that made Martin Luther a reformer unrelenting in his pursuit to look at the structures of his society in regards to Roman Catholic hierarchy, so also was the reformist position of Martin Luther King, Jr. who committed himself to address the walls of segregation and racism. Ralph Reavis who serves as the 16th president of Virginia University of Lynchburg, in Lynchburg, Virginia, lives out the edicts of King's message of the beloved community on a daily basis. Reavis transforms minds with the G.W. Hayes to Martin King inspired principles of self help and interdependence. "This book is an excellent source for black youths and adults to begin acquiring knowledge of their heritage. It is highly commendable that this preacher has the extraordinary capacity to reduce a sweeping, broad survey of black history into the pages of this thin book. It reveals that Reavis has extensive knowledge and familiarity with facts of history. In so far as I am concerned, his is one of the best observations I have seen on King. It indicated that Reavis knew him well; possesses a keen, intelligent understanding of King's way of life and is blessed with the skills to place it on the pages of history." L. Franacis Griffin, Prince Edward County Civil Rights Leader, Former President of the Virginia State NAACP, Farmville, Virginia


Sr. Ralph Reavis
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November 25, 2010

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