I Dream for You a World: A Covenant for Our Children

I DREAM FOR YOU A WORLD: A COVENANT FOR OUR CHILDREN (Brand Nu Words February 2007) takes the reader on a lyrical journey leading to a child's understanding of the fundamental principles set forth in the New York Times bestselling book, THE COVENANT WITH BLACK AMERICA. Using poetry, laced with intergenerational concepts and brilliant collage, the book effortlessly pieces together a vibrant mind's view of the 'better tomorrow' that we all dream for our children -- a world that bears out community-driven solutions to the foundational COVENANT agenda items. With a foreword written by none other than Tavis Smiley, and with back matter designed to enlighten children around each of the COVENANT concepts, I DREAM FOR YOU A WORLD has instantly become a core book, essential to complete the development of the soul and consciousness of children from all races and backgrounds.
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