Blain Hawk U.S. Marshal the Complete Trilogy: A Tribute to Black U.S. Marshals of the 1800's (PB) (2020)

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Black and the Native American United States Marshals worked out of Fort Smith Arkansas for Judge Isaac Parker known as the hanging judge. These marshals were active during the reconstruction during the 1800s. Slavery was over in Texas in June 1865, two years after Abraham Lincoln's emancipation proclamation in January 1863 and during the post-jim crow era where prejudice and discrimination were still very high. Their heroic actions lead to taming the Oklahoma territory and cleaned up the corruption in the courts and the many ruthless outlaws. Action-packed with intense scenes cast in the wild west, you will find yourself emotionally involved.

Blain's Peace and tranquility are interrupted by the notorious Johnnie Red and his gang that began with his father and now has passed down to him. The heinous crimes committed by the villains stretch to the upper echelons of government and it binds Blain and the President of the United States together. It is only the past heritage of Blain that saves him and helps usher in a new era of lawmen. He is commissioned as a United States Marshal to go after his arch-nemesis with the full weight of the U.S. Government.

Blain also finds love that he did not count on when he meets the feisty and attractive Kathy that has her own agenda. The two clash a bit but discover they have more in common than they thought. Boundaries of normal protocols and societal norms are challenged when Blain commissions women as part of his posse. This cast of lawmen, women, and Native Americans begin the clean up the territory. Their reputations start to precede them and many outlaws were on the lookout for them. When their best attempts are thwarted again, and again they had to revert to different tactics to get their man. Clever and innovative the posse was able to strike significant blows to the outlaws but Johnny survives and sets an unexpected trap for Blain.

Blain is called to action after retirement due to Johnnie's Red family to try and finish what started years ago once and for all. It will cost Blain for such a task, but he rises to the challenge to pin his badge on hopefully one last time. Will Blain be victorious in his quest? Will he survive the trap of Johnnie? Does he get saved as he did before? Find out in this gripping western drama.


Lloyd Wheatley
ISBN 10:
Publication Date:
November 16, 2020

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