An Affair With a Stranger

Product Description The long-awaited, much anticipated, sequel to the highly praised novel, Anything but Love. Follow Bill and Roz on their journey into the 90s. From their marriage they have two children, a daughter, Aisha and a son, Brandon. Roz and Bill are up in age. Roz felt romantic, she played a tune by Clyde McPhatter and Ruth Brown: Love has Joined Us Together. She played the tune for Bill and made reference to the lyrics. Roz turned to Bill and said, "Through the years, I have come to love you more than I evr realized, you brighten a stormy day. I will show you how much when we go to bed." Bill smiled, "Why wait until we go to bed? Showme right now." He led her to the bathroom. They made out in the bathtub and continued their love making in the bed. Roz looked at Bill, "Do you think we are getting too old for this?" "Honey, we will never get too old to express our love for each other." Bill kissed her gently on the forehead, her eyelids and cheek to cheek--just the way he did when they were first dating. Bill held Roz in his arms and thought, is it possible I am falling in love with this woman all over again. Aisha, their first born, meets Ned in a supermarket. Aisha knew she wanted Ned as much as he wanted her. It went beyond lust and yearning for each other. It was more like a double dose of TNT. Ned begun to run his fingers at the small of Aisha's back awakening body sensations in her that had been dormant since her intimate relationship two years ago. His touch gave her so much pleasure. Their intimate times were such that they completed each other. Who betrays whom? Is Lillian really Aisha's friend? Is Robert really Ned's friend? What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.
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