Let America Be America Again

"I believe in an America in which opportunity and justice truly are for all. That was the essence of the life an poetry of Langston Hughes."--Senator John Kerry, from the Preface A beautifully designed collection of some of the greatest poems by a quintessentially American poet, whose theme of the promise of American inclusiveness continues to ring true. Langston Hughes was uncommonly attuned to the ideals of freedom and democracy and the sometimes elusive American dream. The poems collected here offer a hopeful, truly democratic vision for America. Incantatory and stirring, passionate and provocative, they are as resonant for our times as they were over half a century ago. Contents: "Let America Be America Again," "Dream of Freedom," "America," "Search," "Some Day," "In Time of Silver Rain," "Dare," "Give Us Our Peace," "I Dream a World."
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