Playing Hard to Get

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From the Essence bestselling author of Take Her Man comes a chic page-turner starring the 3TsTamia, Troy, and Tashathree New York City It Girls whose lives are about to be turned upside down]] Gorgeous, sophisticated, and successful, Tamia is a sister that can't be stopped. With her career as an attorney on the rise, and her millionaire boyfriend about to proposeTamia has it all. But then she meets Malik, a sexy Harlem brother who pushes all her buttons, and makes Tamia second-guess everything in her life. Love struck for this bad boy with a cause, Tamia's on a mission to convince Malik to stop playing hard to get and come along for the ride]] Meanwhile, since she married a pastor, Troy has gone from smokin' hottie to Bible-quoting church lady. Everyone thinks Troy is happy until some dirty secrets turn Troy's lifeand marriageupside down]] As the wife of a pro basketball player and mother of three, Tasha has traded her fabulous big city life for the suburbs. Bored and starving for some action, Tasha's desires spin out of control, and she finds that being the new It Girl has its drawbacks]] Funny and soulful, Playing Hard to Get is a novel of passion, friendship, and finding yourself without losing everything you love]]
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