Dirty Red

A scorching new novel from the celebrated urban fiction author of "Let That Be the Reason" and "Imagine This." Stringer tells the provocative tale of love, lies, loss and the indomitable spirit of a woman called Red.
The bestselling author of "Let That Be the Reason" and "Imagine This," Vickie Stringer conceives the most mischievous and manipulative urban heroine of all -- Red -- in her hardcover debut. In a scorching tale of love, lies, loss, and the indomitable spirit of a woman scorned, we meet Red in the midst of her game -- on the toilet of her boyfriend's apartment, faking a pregnancy. An eighteen-year-old expert at deception with a provocative femininity, Red employs her dirty ways to win a closet full of Gucci bags, a deluxe condominium full of baby accessories, a new car, and a book deal. But when Red's scams backfire and she winds up truly pregnant by her inmate ex-boyfriend, Bacon, Red finds herself in more trouble than she's ever known. The drama unravels when Red's picture-perfect cons fall apart due to the power of -- surprisingly -- love.
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