Run In My Shoes: The Journey of Understanding Race and Prejudice in America as Seen by an African American

"Run In My Shoes" defines the pace that is sometimes required of African Americans to make up the socioeconomic distance between the races created by prejudice. This insightful book traces the racial divide from its historical origins up to the present era. It also provides a pro-active plan to improve attitudes, among all races, particularly European Americans and African Americans during the post integration period. Written from the prospective of an African American male, "Run In My Shoes" provides introspective view points on causes and effects of culturally sensitive and progressive educational environments regarding achievement. Author Biography: The author, Phillip Bell, Jr., is a behavioral engineer who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts degree in African American Studies/Counseling. As an African American growing up in the 1960's, his personal life experiences caused him to search for ways to eradicate the destructive effects of racism. As an athlete, Mr. Bell recognized the added therapeutic dimension that sports and recreation contributed to his professional and personal life. In 1987, Mr. Bell founded the Bell/Metropolitan Educational Achievement Club Inc. (Bell/MEAC), an organization that provides therapeutic recreational services to at-risk children. Phillip Bell, Jr. is a man of many achievements and ambitions. He is an educator, entrepreneur, inventor, actor, and spiritual and a fitness activist. Mr. Bells intention in writing "Run In MY Shoes" was to produce a work that would succinctly help to breakdown the stereotypes and myths with regards to the American creed. The hope that Mr. Bell has for each reader is that this book will stimulate a spiritual and intellectual awakening for truth, peace, and reconciliation in America and globally.
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