Medina #1 (HC) (2018)


Two people bonded by a life they created through love. With the same common goals. To raise their children. But with different perspectives, on how to go about doing that. Living in a lower-class, low-economic, detrimental, poverty stricken environment. In a place, where it's easier to find trouble and chaos than it is to find peace and happiness. Ty-Rome Bridge and Dana Medina are two young driven individuals who are willing to build a family and a future together. Love doesn't cost anything. Raising a family may cost everything. Success is down the road. But failure is up the street. As life keep moving on, time stands still for no one. When it comes to putting food on the table, what is right? What is wrong? The Book Series Medina confronts different life challenges. Medina 1, deals with human relations, on how people deal with life's obstacles and lessons. In life there's no winners nor losers. Only survivors. What will be one's limit? What's the goal in life? To barely make it, or to live life to the fullest. What will be sacrificed for all that matters? Is it about all that's wanted opposed to what's needed. Enjoy Book 1 of the Medina Book Series. A great series of good written story book with a messages to them.

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Jullian Smallwood
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Jullian Smallwood
Publication Date:
October 11, 2018