The Sistah's Rules (PB) (2017)

The Rules? Puhleeze! Any real black woman can tell you that when it comes to African-American men, The Rules is about as good as Monopoly money in Macy's. Waiting three days to return a brother's phone call will get a black woman nothing more than a warm spot on the couch by herself with an empty bag of corn chips and the remote.A sister needs her own special set of rules for finding a brother even when it seems that there just aren't that many good ones to go around. Millner says they are out there but sistahs need to drop their materialistic, brother-in-the white-Benz fantasies and pick up the right vibes for finding a genuine brother who's worth keeping around. The Sistahs' Rules gives black women commonsense guidelines for landing in a healthy relationship with a makes-your-toes-curl brother, including:

Get to know his mama, get to know him
Use what you got to get what you want
Girlfriends are everything, but they don't know it all

With warm stories and practical advice from black mamas and papas who've been there and done that, and sistahs and brothers in the mix, The Sistahs' Rules is a sassy, hip, step-by-step guide to finding Brother Mr. Rightand having fun in the process.

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Denene Millner
ISBN 10:
William Morrow & Company
Publication Date:
August 11, 2017