An Obsidian Sky: Part One (PB) (2020)

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In the dark corners of the city, conspiracy and assassination are a means to an end. Those who stand at the top pull the strings in whatever manner they desire, unopposed by their subordinates, and unchallenged by ethics. But some people are difficult to tame, as not all humans are created equal within the confines of Menilax. A rare gift has spread throughout the Broken Sector, allowing the less fortunate to control parts of existence that normal people could only dream of. But they are tired, poor and homeless, and have been abandoned by the rest of the city due to their volatility.

Grey is a man looking to strengthen his constituents and rebuild the Sector, working as much as he can before his time comes to an end. With a track record of blood and shadow, he's hoping that with enough good deeds he can redeem himself. To what lengths he will go to remains to be seen, but is it remotely possible for good works to cancel out a history of dark deeds? Where does one draw the line, for who can be forgiven, and who must be damned for their sins?

While Grey grew up fending for himself in an apathetic environment, Janus enrolled with STARCOV, a covert division of the military, specialising in espionage, tactics and foreign surveillance. Her world is torn asunder when her little brother is abducted, leaving her mind to unravel at a frightening pace. Not only must she deal with Oscar's disappearance, but Janus is left with years of operational conditioning, skills not applicable to life outside of the unit. Janus plans to take matters into her own hands to take back control, to see Oscar returned home in one piece. Will her trauma consume her from the inside? Or will she beat the odds and succeed despite her shortcomings?


Joel Thomas Cooke
ISBN 10:
Joel Thomas Cooke
Publication Date:
March 10, 2020

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