Fatal Rebounds (PB) (2010)

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Fatal Rebounds is a fictional story about redemption and revelation, and is full of unexpected twists and turns in rebound relationships. It is also a mixture of romance, mystery, and drama. Each chapter contains unique, tantalizing events that will leave you in suspense until the very end. Guy Simmons is an intelligent and attractive young man, who yearns for glamorous and unattainable Justina Reyes. He is determined to be the man she desires, while jeopardizing the relationship with his best friend, Regine. He soon realizes he may have made the biggest mistake of his life, so his stepmother, Jeanine Benedict, indiscreetly intervenes to help him get his life back on track. However, Regine's estranged father, Kevin Graham, seeks vindication for the pain and heartache Regine suffered because of Guy. Will Guy ignore the red flags and become object of Justina's desires; or will he put himself in harm's way to pursue Regine, the woman that truly loves him? Regine Croswell realizes her dream of being with Guy is in jeopardy after her best friend, Justina, enters the equation. She fears Justina is an incessant threat, and attempts to warn Guy that Justina is a selfish gold-digger. Regine moves on with her life by dating other men, but things go awry when her Grandmother, Bessie, and estranged biological parents, Kevin Graham and Sue Croswell, take drastic measures to protect her from the likes of Paul "PJ" James, Samuel White, and Earl Banks. Will Regine end up with the man she truly loves; or will she become the victim of - the ultimate betrayal? Justina Reyes finds herself in a precarious situation. She is used to getting her own way, at anyone's expense, including double-crossing her best friend, Regine. Her parents try to get her to see the error of her ways, without success. When Justina finally falls in love with 'too-good-to-be-true attorney, ' Calvin Calloway, her world spirals out of control and her callous ways come back to haunt her. Will Justina learn from her past mistakes and change; or will she succumb to the inevitable - a fatal destiny? Once Pandora's Box is open, the lives of Guy, Regine, and Justina begin to unravel. Over a ten-year span, they all discover more than they bargained for, including the fatal consequences of rebounding. Who will survive?


Dorothy J. Morris
Nikkea Smitthers
ISBN 10:
Dorothy J Morris
Publication Date:
September 24, 2010

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