1057 West 14th Street

Author Steven Sample shares his inspiring true story of growing up in the 'hood at 1057 West 14th Street in Chicago, Illinois. After the shocking death of his father, Sample's mother, Rosalie, struggles to raise six children on her own, working two jobs to provide for their needs. Even though they sometimes face with hard times. Rosalie instills strong values and morals in her children, and Sample continually tests those boundaries during his difficult teen years when the temptation to do wrong is often overpowering. After high school, Sample moves to Milwaukee to live with his sister and embarks on a new adventure. In conjunction with his life story, Sample also offers a unique view of parenting in today's difficult times Through the ups and downs of growing up in Chicago's west side, Sample learns that life is what you truly make of it in the time you have. With the right choices and the willingness to implement them, positive changes are always possible.
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