Help Is on the Way: Stay Up and Live Your Truth (HC) (2023)

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Comedic superstar and internet entrepreneur Kountry Wayne's unflinchingly honest, often outrageous, but perpetually hopeful and hard-won lessons on the power of always betting on yourself.


Before he was one of Variety's 10 Comics to Watch and a comedy sensation followed by millions, Kountry Wayne found few legit options for a poor Black man in a small-minded Georgia town. For many years he resorted to running his own game, but thankfully friends and family (and one patient probation officer) convinced him that he had talent beyond hustling. Once he began posting short sketches based on his on-the-nose Southern Black truths, wildly funny observations, and inspirational guidance, he became an almost overnight hit.


Now a proud father of ten, Kountry Wayne is on a mission to give back. By sharing his seemingly impossible story, he hopes to help others see that no matter where you started from or how marginalized you feel right now, the possibilities for living a rich, full life are limitless.


His Kountry Lessons include:

  • Sometimes All You Have Is Your Pride: Often the only person who can push you forward is you.
  • Live Your Truth: Don't hide from where you came from, celebrate it--this is what makes you an original.
  • Don't Get Mad, Get Money: Ignore the people who want to tear you down and provide for the ones you love.
  • Stay Up: Even when the worst thing happens, you have to find the strength to keep going.

Whether you are simply looking for a laugh to boost your spirit or some real guidance to help you in life, love, or money, Kountry Wayne has got you covered.

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Kountry Wayne
MIM Eichler Rivas
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April 18, 2023