The Death Knights (PB) (2021)

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Taken, Brainwashed and Trained to Kill

For decades, the United States sat on the sidelines, watching as dictators committed atrocities within their countries. With no interest in protecting the vulnerable from their rulers, it was no surprise that unrest grew within the United States government.

CIA Assistant Director Edgar Bishop wants to change the involvement of the United States. After spending years working in the CIA, he knows how willing the government is to avoid conflict overseas. No longer will he allow that to be the case.

Bishop has one goal in mind: build a group of assassins known as The Death Knights to wield his agenda around the world.

Brandon Alexander never expected to be tossed in the back of a van shortly after his sixteenth birthday. On that fateful day, all that was on his mind was returning home from school to see the love of his life, Janet Wilson.

Brandon never made it home.

One hundred sixteen-year-old boys were taken from the streets of Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. Together they woke up, not knowing where they were or what was about to happen to them.

The boys were taken to The Camp and introduced to the brutal man who would change their lives. The penalty for their failure at The Camp?


Colonel Luke Grace is a hard man, interested only in creating monsters. As soon as the boys arrive at The Camp, his endless reign of abuse begins. He starved and tortured the boys, then pitted them against each other in brutal battles for their lives.

Colonel Grace erases their past and replaces it with a new narrative. He transforms them into killers, ready to assassinate their targets without question. The only survivors of The Camp are The Death Knights.

Years later, one explosion gone wrong changes everything for Brandon.

The life that Brandon thought he knew, the one Colonel Grace instilled in him, slowly fades away; replaced with the memories of the life he once had. He is no longer the killer that Colonel Grace molded to perfection. Instead, he is a man who had years of his life stolen.

Bishop and Colonel Grace realize their best assassin has been compromised. Nothing will stop them from protecting the greatest secret the United States will never know.

Brandon isn't the only one who has discovered the secrets that Bishop assumed were buried deep. Agent Hillary Wells is receiving information from an unknown source. She teams up with Brandon to find the other Death Knights. Suspicion brews and the hunt for the mastermind behind The Death Knights is on.

With suspicion coming from every angle, it becomes clear to Brandon that there was only one way to get his life back. One last live or die battle will decide it all.


Gerald C. Anderson Sr.
ISBN 10:
Gerald C. Anderson, Sr.
Publication Date:
July 10, 2021

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