The Entrepreneurial Secret Book Series Vol I

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Muhammad's three-part series helps entrepreneurs and small-business owners navigate a complex world. He provides lessons from his background in the music industry, as a political strategist, and monetary economist that can mean the difference between success and failure.
In The Entrepreneurial Secret – Volume 1: The Political Economy, Cedric Muhammad offers a new and relevant book to help entrepreneurs and small business owners navigate a world where credit is frozen and bank loans are hard to come by. In perhaps the only book that reveals the root of the financial crisis from the perspective of the small business owner, this volume describes the difficult landscape faced by entrepreneurs, and what they can do about it. Explaining that this difficult environment is the normal condition faced by the most successful businesspersons and communities that have created wealth, the author provides lessons from history and insight into current events, to lay a path for success. The Entrepreneurial Secret – Volume 1 – is essential reading for those in business who want to understand how politics, economics, and culture affect their bottom line.

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