The Long Fall

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A new mystery series from the author of the classic work "Devil in a Blue Dress" offers a new character, a new city, and a new era
A brand-new mystery series from one of the countryas best-known, best-loved writers: a new character, a new city, a new era. A new Walter Mosley. His name is etched on the door of his Manhattan office: LEONID McGILL, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR. Itas a name that takes a little explaining, but heas used to it. aDaddy was a communist and great-great- Granddaddy was a slave master from Scotland. You know, the black manas family tree is mostly root. Whatever you see aboveground is only a hint at the real story.a Ex-boxer, hard drinker, in a business that trades mostly in cash and favors: McGillas an old-school P.I. working a city thatas gotten fancy all around him. Fancy or not, he has always managed to get byakeep a roof over the head of his wife and kids, and still manage a little fun on the sideamostly because heas never been above taking a shady job for a quick buck. But like the city itself, McGill is turning over a new leaf, adecided to go from crooked to slightly bent.a New York City in the twenty-first century is a city full of secretsaand still a place that reacts when you know where to poke and which string to pull. Thatas exactly the kind of thing Leonid McGill knows how to do. As soon as The Long Fall begins, with McGill calling in old markers and greasing NYPD palms to unearth some seemingly harmless information for a high-paying client, he learns that even in this cleaned-up city, his commitment to the straight and narrow is going to be constantly tested. And we learn that with this protagonist, this city, this time, Mosley has tapped a rich new vein thatas inspiring his best work since the classic Devil in a Blue Dress.

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