Dirty South

Lark is flunking life socially at college, but her friend Kenya is the one girls envy and boys want. Life is one big episode of "Everybody Loves Kenya," and Lark barely gets a walk-on role. But with Kenya's brother and his friend bringing drama to her door, that's about to change.
College is a big adjustment--but not if you're Kenya Posey. Even at a Southern school far from her Jersey turf, she's the one the girls envy and the boys want. Kenya's the star of a hot singing/dancing troupe, her high-school BFF Lark is on campus--could things get any better? For Lark, the answer is yes. While she's flunking socially, life is one big episode of Everybody Loves Kenya--and Lark barely gets a walk-on role. Kenya's too self-absorbed to see beyond her fabulous new life. But with Kenya's brother Eric and his rapper friend Fiasco bringing drama right to her door, all that's about to change....
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