Down Home with the Neely's: A Southern Family Cookbook

The long-awaited debut cookbook from the celebrated husband-and-wife team, hosts of their own number one-rated Food Network show. Pat and Gina Neely both hail from families with bedrock traditions of sharing meals, a boundless love of cooking and great food, and no fear of good, hard work to make it all happen. That's what has earned their Memphis restaurant the reputation as one of the best darn rib joints in the world. Now they've given us a cookbook brimming with tried and truly delicious southern recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the next. The Neelys share all their secrets, not the least important of which is their liberal application of barbeque sauce to almost anything: spaghetti, nachos, salad--you name it. Here are more than one hundred mouth-watering recipes, including many of their signature dishes, such as Barbeque Deviled Eggs, Florida Coast Pickled Shrimp, Spicy Corn Chowder, Nana's Southern Gumbo, Sweet and Spicy Slaw, Get Yo' Man Chicken, Sock-It-to-Me Cake, and a few knock-your-socks-off libations to boot. The Neelys' love for good food is infectious, and here, in their first book, they bring their heavenly inspired cooking down to earth for all to share.
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