Blinded by the Whites: Why Race Still Matters in 21st-Century America

PRE-SALE Ikard's incorporation of autobiographical moments... to show the intersections of the personal and the political, ... his candid discussions of his father's sexual abuse of a young female relative, and the various teachable moments he has had with his own daughter and son on a range of issues related to being black in America are quite profound as concrete evidence to support his overall argument [that] white supremacist ideology... continues to inform African American life.--Alice Deck, University of Illinois
The election of Barack Obama gave political currency to the (white) idea that Americans now live in a post-racial society. But the persistence of racial profiling, economic inequality between blacks and whites, disproportionate numbers of black prisoners, and disparities in health and access to healthcare suggest there is more to the story. David H. Ikard addresses these issues in an effort to give voice to the challenges faced by most African Americans and to make legible the shifting discourse of white supremacist ideology--including post-racialism and colorblind politics--that frustrates black self-determination, agency, and empowerment in the 21st century. Ikard tackles these concerns from various perspectives, chief among them black feminism. He argues that all oppressions (of race, gender, class, sexual orientation) intersect and must be confronted to upset the status quo.
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David H Ikard
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Indiana University Press
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2013-10-15 00:00:00