African History & Hoodoo: Connect to The Ancient Spirit of Africa and Explore The Timeline, Culture, Roots, Spells, & More From The World's Rich (PB) (2023)

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Explore The World of African History, Mythology & Hoodoo

Journey through centuries of fascinating figures, kingdoms and events that have shaped Africa and learn all about the mystical world of Hoodoo

Included in this Captivating 2 Book Collection are:

  • African History: Explore The Amazing Timeline of The World's Richest Continent - The History, Culture, Folklore, Mythology & More of Africa
  • Hoodoo for Beginners: Connect To The Ancient Spirit World of Africa & Manifest Success With Spells, Root Magic, Conjuring, Herbs, Traditions, History & More

Uncovering the Hidden Gems of African History

Using reliable, fact-checked written resources and discoveries from world-renowned archeologists, History Brought Alive presents African History.

Also in this 2 book bundle you will find:

Hoodoo for Beginners, it was a secret craft created by enslaved Africans in America to protect them from harm with the help of higher beings and their ancestors.

Discover historical facts, real stories and practices that prove the might of Hoodoo. Plus you will learn essential conjurer's tools for creating a bridge between the elements and spirits to open a doorway into the spiritual world.

All This & Much More In This 2 Book Collection, including:

  • The Birth of Civilization - Learn About The Origins of Humanity in Africa
  • Hoodoo History Uncovered - African Origins & The Transatlantic Slave Trade
  • Long Lost African Kingdoms, inc Ancient Egypt, The Kingdom of Kush, Carthage & Many More
  • Rootworking, Herbs & Natures Elements to Heal, Manifest & Protect
  • Fascinating Folktales, Myths & Legends, inc The Flying Tortoise, Lion & The Jackal & Many More
  • Voodoo vs How Hoodoo is Different + Common Misconceptions & Truths
  • Major Figures, Key Events, Politics & Milestones in African History
  • The Zulu Wars - Epic Battles, Christianity & The British Empire In South Africa

And much, much more

Whether you're interested in The History of Africa, or if you want to learn about the craft of Hoodoo then you will receive valuable information from this book collection.



History Brought Alive
ISBN 10:
Fortune Publishing
Publication Date:
June 14, 2023

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