Advertising Services

Why should you advertise with MahoganyBooks?

The MahoganyBooks online sales system and retail store is changing the way people look at black authors, and perhaps, can help change the way readers view your work.

As a MahoganyBooks-promoted author your work will be positioned to either inspire imagination, teach tomorrow’s thought leaders, or establish you as a subject matter expert. Both your book and bio will be integrated into our vast Reader Distribution Network that is comprised of educators, community leaders, entrepreneurs, loving parents, and readers committed to black literature. We specialize in engaging with the black reading community, resulting in high engagement rates in email, on our website, and in throughout our social media profiles. 

Voted one of the “Best Indie Bookstores” by The Washingtonian, and having the distinction of being rated as a “Top 10 Bookstore Store” by, MahoganyBooks also has the weight of being described by Publishers Weekly as the “New Generation,” and, according to the Washington City Paper, we have been credited with helping to create “an independent bookstore renaissance.”    

Advertising & Promotional Options

We offer several options designed to expose your book to avid book buyers, book clubs, and book reviewers of black literature using multi-channel, multi-touch promotional campaigns. Our advertising options are as follows:

Tier I

An entry level advertising package that emphasizes providing authors and publishers the most bang for their buck when their goal is to engage in a quick awareness building campaign that coincides with other marketing/promotional activities.

Tier II

Our mid-level advertising package combines providing authors and publishers with the most bang for their buck along with a more sustained presence to build lasting awareness among our higher converting, repeat online and in-store customers 

Tier III 

Our most extensive advertising package provides authors and publishers with a sustained presence on our website, in our store, and throughout our other promotional channels (i.e. social media & email). Your title will be positioned to be seen several times by our most loyal and frequent buyers.

The below chart provides a quick at-a-glance overview of the three packages we offer to authors and publishers and what's included. If you have any questions, please email us at 


Whether you are an author or a publisher, MahoganyBooks provides a variety of advertising options to help you increase awareness of your book(s) and/or drive sales. Using a strategy that emphasizes multi-channel, multi-touch advertising, we ensure you'll receive the best bang for your buck by promoting your title(s) on a network that specializes in selling books written for, by, or about people of the African Diaspora.

How Does it Work | Getting Started

  1. Place your order: Click here to select the option that best meets your needs or email our ad sales team at if you have any additional questions that aren't answered on this page.  
  2. Application Review: Once you have placed your order our team will review your submission to ensure it meets our requirements. All approvals or rejections will be sent within 48 hours of your order. If your ad is denied you will be fully refunded within 48 hours and provided an explanation via email as to why your ad request was declined.  
  3. Sign Terms of Agreement & Complete Checklist: Upon approval of your advertising application our team will email you the Advertising Terms of Agreement (ATOA) as well as a Google Form to collect the necessary data and images. Both documents must be signed and completed before ads will be created or scheduled.
  4. Approve Advertising Creative: Within one (1) business week of receiving the signed 'ATOA' and your ad creative via the Google Form our team will work with you to develop all applicable advertising images and copy using our ad templates.
  5. Receive Campaign Run Date(s): Upon approval of the advertising campaign creative, MahoganyBooks will provide you with start and end dates. Your campaign will be assigned based on earliest availability of our campaign schedule. 
  6. Receive Campaign Report: One-week after your campaign has ended you will be provided with a report that details the number of link clicks by channel, number of product page clicks, and total books sold during the length of the campaign. 


What are the minimum requirementsto be accepted to advertise through your platform?

  1. Your book must be available for wholesale purchase through Ingram Content Group.
  2. The wholesale price of your book must be at most 60% of the books' retail price.
  3. The book must be eligible for returns to Ingram.  

Who is responsible for developing the ad creative to be used in the campaign?

MahoganyBooks has developed and tested several images that has proven to elicit engagement and conversion with our customers online and in-store. You will choose from these options and our team will incorporate your book cover into the template of your choice. We will also work with you to edit your copy to ensure it meets our style guide as well as meet best practices to improve response, engagement, and conversion.

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