Medicine Wheel Trilogy: Beginner's Guide (PB) (2018)


Lost? Confused? Burned out? Defeated? Alone? The Medicine Wheel can give you the answers that you are searching for. All religions deal with the circle of life and death.

Your life will make more sense when you follow the wheel. The Medicine Wheel is already working for you. My people call the wheel the good red road. The Irish say, May the road rise up to meet you, etc. Poets write about the road not taken. We are all on the road of life; how we travel, it is our own decision.

In the city, people feel that you cannot make a Medicine Wheel, but I have many friends that say you can. One of my friends lives in an apartment in the heart of the city with traffic noise from the bridge and the streets below. He lives close to the river, and he can hear the sounds of the ships and fog horns. The wheel is a tool that provided him with the balance and the right path he needed to follow in his life.

I started this book in June 1987, and I kept struggling with writing it because I didnt want to give away secrets that were known only to medicine people. Many of my people were saying that too many non-Indian people are writing about Native American Indians medicine and know nothing about it. They did not want the secrets of the Medicine Wheel known to the general public.

I taught my people, but only a few were interested. They did not want to learn about their heritage and personal medicine. My medicine teacher said in order to save the knowledge and pass it on, I had to write this book for the good of all people.

Now I leave this knowledge in your hands. Share and explore!

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Grandmother Puddingstone
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Page Publishing, Inc.
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March 19, 2018