On My Own: Vision Board Guidebook for Young People 5th Anniversary Edition


Say It Loud! Readers and Writers announce the 5th Anniversary Edition of On My Own: Vision Book Guidebook for Young People by Patrick M. Oliver.  On My Own: Vision Board Guidebook for Young People is designed to guide young people through an interactive process that will assist them with goal setting associated with their personal aspirations. On My Own, constructed with input from educators, writers, and parents, is also a result of sessions where young people participated in activities creating vision boards that highlighted their personal achievements, goals, and dreams. 

The 5th anniversary edition includes a new book cover design created by Relana Johnson of Analerdigital Media, several additional contributors, over 30 new pages of activities, an updated recommended reading list, and “Vision Notes and Vision Drawings” pages designed to engage participants in journaling, creative writing, and sketching.

This second edition focuses on encouraging young people to remain extremely optimistic and to plan for a bright future full of infinite possibilities during the COVID19 pandemic.  The updated On My Own features words of encouragement and optimism from educators, artists, visionaries, and community leaders. These essays, proses, and motivational messages are written to help young people feel more comfortable planning, visualizing, and creating a prosperous future.

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