The Art of My Reality: A Poetic Memoir (PB) (2021)


My interest in poetry began in elementary school. Like many children, it started with love poems. First reciting the dorky "Roses are red" poems, then developed my own distinct lines. I was a quiet and shy kid but when I put pen to paper, I was bold and confident. I had a way of making ideas flow and assembling words into rhymes.

As I aged, I noticed that other people also liked my poetry. I began writing poems, upon request, for friends in high school and in college. I realized that I had a natural knack for it. Comedian Buddy Hackett summed it up beautifully when describing his own poetry, during an appearance on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. He said, "I can't sing, but I write pretty!" That's exactly how I feel about my poetry.

These are my thoughts, my feelings, and my observations throughout the years. I hope you find something impactful in them. Poetry is an emotional ride. Like all forms of art, it is an expression of the artist. It is meant to evoke a reaction. Each person will take something different from each piece of work. There is no right or wrong view, there is only YOUR view. Uniquely and exclusively your own.

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Vondell M. Carthran
Vondell Carthran
Publication Date:
December 16, 2021