Fighting to Live Again (PB) (2018)


Fighting to Live Again is about Cecil McLendon, a World War II veteran who fought in Europe in the US Army's 110th Infantry, 28th Division. The day he received his draft notice was the happiest day of his life. He spoke very little of the gory details of war. Like other veterans, he said no one would believe him. He didn't mention the names of buddies he lost, although his division was called the Bloody Buckets. He talked about his family, his childhood, the Army, the people he met, and his war wounds. The Army was such an improvement in his life; he didn't complain. His captain told him that since he liked KP, he could go to cook and baker's school.

That is where he met Dorothy. Like many other couples of their generation, he went to war, and she went to work. With Dorothy waiting for him, life took on a new purpose and gave him a stronger determination to fight to survive. Cecil fought in four major battles in Europe and was seriously wounded twice. After Germany surrendered, Cecil was shipped home for a month-long furlough before reporting for jungle training. When the Japanese surrendered, he felt as if a death sentence was lifted.

He survived the war but then had to fight its emotional effects. He began reading the Bible and searching for God's will for his life. He also fought the Veterans Administration for benefits to help him with the physical effects of his war wounds. He fought through pain each day in order to get out of bed to go to work to provide for his family. He fought the paralysis that finally overtook his body. Even as a paraplegic, he continued to participate in the community. He greeted and offered friendly smiles to those he met. He fought the good fight.

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Rita McVey
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Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date:
December 19, 2018