Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office: 101 Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers


The things today's women learned as girls may be preventing them from becoming financially independent. Bestselling author Frankel tackles outdated concepts that women are continuing to follow and offers tried-and-true coaching tips to help them take control of their money and their lives.

In the bestselling tradition of Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman, comes this groundbreaking book offering advice everyone woman needs to know to stop sabotaging her own career--and get ahead in the workplace. Are you an inappropriate smiler? Do you couch statements as questions? Do you tilt your head when you speak? Are you hesitant to spend the company's money? In other words, are you subconsciously sabotaging your career? Habits you learned as a girl and didn't even know you had as a woman could be holding you back from being perceived as professional, competent, and successful--from getting ahead. Although it's less threatening and more politically correct for women to point the finger outwardly when assessing why they are overlooked for promotions and assignments for which they are superbly qualified, the real answers lie inward. If you are a woman who wants to succeed in business you must read nice girls don't get the corner office, which reveals the 101 self-sabotaging behaviors every woman learns as a girl--Behaviors that are holding them back in the workplace. From executive to entry level, every woman needs to know what she is doing to subconsciously sound, look, act, market herself, and/or be treated like a "girl." nice girls don't get the corner office will help women to become aware of when and how they are damaging their career and it will give them the advice and tips they need to help replace these self-defeating behaviors with more effective ones.

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Lois P. Frankel
Business Plus
Publication Date:
February 18, 2014