York's Adventures with Lewis and Clark: An African-American's Part in the Great Expedition

Working alongside free men, York, William Clark's slave, played an important role in the success of Lewis and Clark's expedition. This award-winning book draws on extensive research to give a gripping and insightful account of York's significant contribution to this landmark event.
You've probably heard about Lewis and Clark. This famous duo led an exploration through uncharted lands. Did you know that a black man, Clark's slave York, was part of this famous expedition? Working alongside free men, York paddled boats, lugged provisions, climbed mountains, and built shelters for the Corps of Discovery. Throughout the journey, he significantly helped foster friendly relations with the many different Native American tribes whose goodwill was vital to the expe- dition's success. York was even allowed to vote, sixty years before the Civil War. The award-winning author Rhoda Blumberg tells of Lewis and Clark's adventure with York's experiences firmly in view. Giving readers an unusual perspective, she draws on Clark's journal entries to reveal York's importance. Insightful, historically accurate, and gripping, this account has an ending that will shock you. It will leave you with a clear understanding of what life was like for a slave, and a new appreciation of the role an African-American played in one of the nation's landmark events.
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